Attention Deficit [Hyperactivity] Disorder

How does AD[H]D affect Learning? Attention Span: A person may be able to sit still, but not be focused and as such may miss important points. Staying on task: Repetitive tasks tend to be boring, and if low priority generally…

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Dyscalculia affects the understanding of number concepts.


What is Dysgraphia? Dysgraphia is a condition that affects written work. Often handwriting is poorly formed, and consists of a mixture of block and cursive letters, as well as various sizes of letters. Handwriting is a fine motor skill and…

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How does Dyspraxia affect Learning? Gross Motor Skills: There may be poor body and spatial awareness, as well as balance and other gross motor skills such as: standing; lifting; and kicking. Fine Motor Skills: There could be difficulty with drawing,…

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How does Dyslexia affect learning? Auditory Processing: Can be hard to tell the difference between certain sounds, therefore there could be spelling mistakes. Visual Processing: Text can appear to float around the page. So can be hard to track text…

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