Recommend someone for an award

Do you know someone in the District who deserves to be recognised for their outstanding services to Scouting, length of service, a special act of heroism and bravery, courage, endurance or devotion to duty under suffering? Well we want to know about them!

The Scout Association has a number of prestigious awards for members and as a voluntarily organisation it’s an important way of saying, “thank you”. The District have presented a number of people with Awards, but we know there are more people in the District who continue to modestly do great things for young people and Scouting locally who may be overlooked. We need your help to find them!

Nominate someone

All nominations will remain confidential and anonymous but a member of the panel may need to get in touch with you for a citation.

Award Nomination Form

Your (Nominator) Details

Details of person being nominated

What happens next?

Your nomination will be sent to the District Awards Advisory Group who support the District Commissioner in the process of recommendation, decision and administration of award nominations, ensuring the processes and Award criteria are met.

The District Awards Advisory Group

Mike O’Connor

Chair of the Awards Advisory Group

Davina Bowmer

Awards Advisory Group Member

Bob Gibson

Awards Advisory Group Member

Mike Ladd

Awards Advisory Group Member

Barbara Parkinson

Awards Advisory Group Member

Bim Prentice

Awards Advisory Group Member

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