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Type of Accounts

There are a number of types of accounts that we offer within the District Google Workspace Tenant:

Personal Account

Every user within the tenant has a personal account to allow them access all services. This will be setup as, regardless of their Scout Group

Aliases – Personal & Role Based

An alias is an additional email address associated with your account with which you can send and receive emails as. Any personal account can have up to 30 aliases. These would tend to be using a Group domain and can be in whatever format.

John Doe is the Group Scout Leader of 1st Grafton. His personal account would be with an alias of and

Google Groups

For aliases where multiple people need to send and receive as the same address, for example a section based address, a “Google Group” will be setup. In essence, this works in the same way as an alias but multiple people can send and receive as the same address. Emails sent to the “Google Group” will go to each member of the Group’s personal account.

John and Jane Doe run 1st Grafton Cubs and therefore a Google Group has been set up. Both John and Jane will be able to send as cubs@ and will receive all emails sent to cubs@ in their personal accounts.

Shared Inbox

Shared Inbox’s are very similar to Google Groups however the emails are stored in their own inbox, rather than being sent to everyone’s personal addresses. Shared Inbox’s can only be accessed via a web browser as the user has to “login” to the Shared Inbox through their personal account.

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