District Finance Info

This page is for District Role Holders and (hopefully!) provides you will all of the financial information you need for your role. If not, please speak to your line manager who will be able to help further.

Financial Management Policy

The District Financial Management Policy governs everything we do as a District finance wise. All District Role Holders are expected to read this policy which must be followed at all times. The policy may be updated (the current version was last updated in September 2023) and we therefore ask that volunteers download a copy from this page each time that they need it rather than saving a copy of the policy.

Expenses Claim Form

The District Expenses Claim Form is a “live” document and this page will always house the current version (currently version 1 of 2024-25). We therefore ask that volunteers download a copy from this page each time they need it, rather than reusing a previous form, in case any changes have been made. Every attempt will be made to notify District Role Holders when the form has changed.

The Claim Form is a two tab Excel document with the first tab taking most of the information from the “Detail” tab. You will therefore need to list the information for each claim, including mileage claims, on the “Detail” tab.

Event Proposal Form

As per the District Financial Management Policy, a budget for a District event must be prepared and sent to the District Trustee Board for consideration / approval at their next meeting. Budgets MUST be approved before the fee for the event is publicised or bookings are taken however the date can be publicised. A template has been provided below which captures all of the information the District Trustee Board will want / need to approve your event. Your line manager can help you with completing this document. Whilst it may seem like a lot of questions, they are designed to help the event leader with their thinking for the event and should not take long at all to complete. Please do speak to your line manager for help completing this if required.

A list of upcoming District Trustee Board meeting dates are below – please ensure that your completed proposal form is with your line manager at least 14 days before the date of the meeting to allow enough time for circulation to all committee members.

  • Tuesday 7th May 2024

Budget Form

Each September, the District Trustee Board will launch the Budget process for the following financial year by identifying the budget centres, holders and managers. Once confirmed, a template document will be shared with the relevant people to support the budgeting process.

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