3. Suspension of Adult Membership and Associate Membership

Suspension of Membership or Associate Membership is a neutral act intended to protect all persons involved. It assists to ensure that any investigation or inquiry proceeds in as fair and objective a manner as possible. It aims to prevent situations arising which might give rise to further concerns or allegations which could potentially cause further compromise.

Suspension may be necessary in the following circumstances:

  1. when an allegation is made that a Member or Associate Member has committed a serious criminal offence, 
  2. when a disagreement or dispute between adults remains unresolved for a period of more than 30 days,
  3. if a Member or Associate Member makes a formal, public challenge to a non-Scouting organisation, body or forum against the decision or policy of either a local Executive Committee of a Scout unit (of which that Member or Associate Member is a member) and/or The Scout Association where such public challenge seeks to change, overturn or reverse the said decision or policy or causes adverse publicity about the same,
  4. where the intentional action or inaction of an individual could seriously harm the reputation of the Movement,
  5. when the action of a Member or Associate Member may constitute gross misconduct,
  6. when a member’s DBS check expires and hasn’t been renewed.
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