Review process

Most people perform better if they have the opportunity to discuss how they are doing and where they are going from time to time.

A review in Scouting is simply an opportunity to look at what has happened since you started in your role, or since your last review, and to see what further support and guidance you might need. It should not be confused with the performance appraisals that many people have experienced at work. Reviews can be both formal and informal, depending on what stage you are at in the course of your appointment.

An informal review is held at least annually, to build on the chats you have during the year. It is a chance to take stock and plan for the future.

A formal review takes place with your volunteer line manager at the end of your agreed appointment period, although you can be called for a formal review at any time. During the meeting you will both get the opportunity to express your views. Your review will then go on to look at the successes you have had in your role, the progress you have made on your training (if appropriate), where you can best contribute to Scouting in the future and the role you would prefer in Scouting going forward. The kind of things you will discuss are:

  1. are you happy in your current role?
  2. what challenges have you faced in your role?
  3. do you wish to continue, or would your expertise be best used in another role,
  4. or should you retire from Scouting?

At the end of the review a decision can then be made about your future role, and any support that you will require. 

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