Minimum standards

In addition to setting the minimum ratios of Leaders to Young people (see the section labelled ‘Ratios’ on this page), the Scout Association sets standards for the operation of meetings:

  • There should be a high quality balanced Programme.
  • Opportunities for youth members to take part in the decision making process.
  • Any forum or committee should have both Young People and Leaders working together.
  • Every Beaver/Cub/Scout/Explorer should have the chance to attend at least one nights away experience every year.

The District Commissioner, with the District Team, is required where necessary to assist Sections to reach these minimum standards and we encourage you to reach out if you need any help or have concerns about meeting these standards. There are lots of solutions such as partnering with a neighbouring section/group or taking part in a district event or camp that may resolve the difficulty.

If a section fails to reach the minimum standard for 2 consecutive years, the District Commissioner, with the approval of the District Executive Committee, may close it. POR dictates that if it fails to reach the minimum standard for 3 years, it must be closed.

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