1. Advice if things aren’t working out

Don’t leave because you are fed-up or are having problems. There are nearly always solutions to rectify problems and chances are you aren’t the only one who feels the same way.

Discuss how you feel with others in your Group, District or the County. If you are unhappy, talk to your line manager or someone else you feel comfortable with. You may just need their advice or support to deal with the situation you’re confronted with and talking it through with someone who has dealt with similar situations before can help. Sometimes we just need to give feedback and allow people the opportunity to explain or make things better.

If you become tired of the role you’re currently in, it may be time to move on but there are nearly always options for you to continue Scouting in a new role, section or group. Perhaps joining an active support unit or supporting on a exec might be a way you can still enjoy and support young people in Scouting without leaving entirely.

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