Volunteering Development Team

The District Volunteering Development Team makes sure all volunteers in their District have a positive and enjoyable volunteering experience. They make it easy for people to join and learn new skills. 

Harry Huckin

Volunteering Development Team Leader

Sandra O’Connor

Welcome Conversation Sub-Team Leader

Sue Pearson

Learning Sub-Team Leader

Mike O’Connor

Awards & Recognition Sub-Team Leader

Natasha Henson

Disclosure Support Volunteer

Sarah Watton

Volunteering Development Team Member

Dory Wright

Volunteering Development Team Member


The Welcome Conversation Sub-Team

The Welcome Conversation Sub-Team holds a welcome conversation with new members of the Scouts.

The Learning Sub-Team

The Learning Sub-Team helps volunteers within the District with their learning, including the delivery of sessions and finding opportunities.

The Awards and Recognition Sub-Team

The Awards and Recognition Sub-Team exists to support the District Lead Volunteer in the decision making process for adult awards.

Allocated tasks

Attract and welcome new volunteers to District and Group teams 

  • Use Scouts branded resources to attract new volunteers. 
  • Reply quickly and positively to possible new volunteers. 
  • Make sure volunteers are welcomed easily and smoothly. 
  • Hold inductions with Group Lead Volunteers and other Group and District Leadership Team Members. 

Make sure volunteers are well supported 

  • Help and encourage Team Leaders (including Group Lead Volunteers) to have regular reviews with volunteers in their teams. 
  • Make sure all District teams (including Group Lead Volunteers) follow our approach to safe volunteer recruitment, appointment, reviews, and processes for leaving Scouts. 

Help volunteers with learning 

  • Help volunteers and Young Leaders find and engage in opportunities for learning and development. 
  • Coordinate Scouts learning that needs to be delivered by an accredited Trainer – including coordinating and supporting the Trainers. 
  • Use the learning delivery materials developed by Scouts (e.g. training sessions, workshops, activities, etc.), and make changes (when necessary) so activities are accessible for everyone. 
  • Help volunteers connect across the District and beyond to learn, share best practices and overcome shared challenges. 
  • Set up learning opportunities with external organisations (if relevant and helpful). 
  • Make sure volunteers can be recognised for prior learning and experience, and have it credited in their records. 
  • Learn from people in other Volunteering Development Teams. 

Recognise volunteers 

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