The 14-24 Team

The 14–24 Team helps all volunteers in Explorer (including Young Leaders) and Network Sections. They help Section teams plan and deliver great programmes for young people. 

Thomas Newman

14-24 Team Leader

Niki Braker

14-24 Team Member
Explorer Admin

Ben Bucklow

14-24 Team Member
DofE Admin

Jen Bucklow

14-24 Team Member
DofE Admin

Steve Smith

14-24 Team Member

Harry Huckin

Section Team Leader
Arrows Young Leader Unit

Thomas Newman

Section Team Leader
Cavatappi ESU

Katy Robinson

Section Team Leader
Tunnel Rats ESU

Stuart Walton

Section Team Leader
Ulfhednar ESU

Chris Hazelby

Section Team Leader Vulcans ESU

Annie Skippen

Section Team Leader Network

Section Teams

Tasks for the whole team

Support Explorer Units, Young Leaders, and Network by making sure: 

  • The views and ideas of young people shape decisions in the 14–24 Team and its Sections. 
  • Section Teams help young people feel welcome and included. They make changes (when needed) so activities are accessible for everyone. 
  • The demographics of young people and adults reflect their local area. 
  • To meet the needs of 14–24 year olds through the Explorer or Network programme, and creating opportunities to volunteer as a Young Leader

Develop our volunteers 

  • Work with volunteers to share skills between Section Teams. 

Allocated tasks

Support the 14–24 Sections 

  • Make sure the Sections run smoothly.         
  • Work with Group and Section Teams to check there are Young Leaders in all Squirrel, Beaver, Cub, and Scout Section Teams. 
  • Make sure all safety and safeguarding incidents are reported in the right way. 
  • Look after first aid kits and accident forms for the Sections and their meeting places. 
  • Look after membership system records for volunteers and young people. 
  • Look after enquiries for joining and moving between Sections. 
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