Support Team

The District Support Team gives tools and resources to help Scouts run smoothly. 

Will Hazell

Support Team Leader (Acting)

Martin Hammond

Spotley Wood Campsite
Sub-Team Leader

Fliss Law

District Badge Secretary

Sarah Watton

Support Team Member
New Provision

Claire Shrubb

Support Team Member Squirrels Provision

Jo Weatherley

Support Team Member Squirrels Provision


Spotley Wood Campsite Sub-Team

The Spotley Wood Campsite Sub-Team looks after our District Campsite.

Allocated tasks

Support Scouts locally by engaging with the community 

  • Create and look after relationships with other organisations that can help Scouts grow locally. 
  • Create a positive image of Scouts in the local community. For example, through local media. 
  • Plan and run fundraising events when they’re needed. 

Open new provision 

  • Work with Groups and other District teams to open, close, or merge Sections (depending on local demand). 

Support effective processes 

  • Carry out finance administration. This could include paying expenses/invoices, and tracking income/expenditure against the budget. 
  • Set up and look after email, web, social media, and web meeting systems for the District (and, if appropriate, for Groups and Units). 
  • If there are staff, make sure they’re properly managed and well recognised. 
  • Look after joining enquiries across the District. 

Look after property and equipment 

  • Check bookings and maintenance for any District-owned property and equipment (including 14-24 Sections). 
  • Oversee meeting places for 14-24 Sections (whether they’re rented, leased, or owned). 
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