Board of Trustees

The District Trustee Board is a team of volunteers who work together to make sure Scouts is run safely and legally.   

Together, the Trustees make sure the District (charity) is well managed, risks are assessed and mitigated, buildings and equipment are in good working order, and everyone follows legal requirements and Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR). Their support helps other volunteers run a fantastic programme that gives young people skills for life (and experiences they’ll remember forever). 

Will Hazell

Ex-officio Member

District Commissioner

Rosemary Shaw

Ex-officio Member

District Chair

Denise Gibson

Ex-officio Member

District Secretary

Tyler Jeffs

Ex-officio Member

District Treasurer

Thomas Newman

Ex-officio Member

District Explorer Scout Commissioner

Ken Hancock

Elected Member

Mike O’Connor

Elected Member

Sue Pearson

Elected Member

Chris Van Schaijik

Elected Member

Harry Huckin

Nominated Member

Robert Skears

Nominated Member


The Appointments Advisory


The Committee’s main function is to assist with the process of appointing adults in Scouting

The Trustee Board’s tasks include:

All Trustees are equally responsible, but they might decide to split the tasks between them. 

Trustees work together to make sure Groups, Districts, and Counties: 

Manage money well 

  • Have enough money for now and in the future. This means having a reserves policy and making sure fundraising takes place, if it’s needed.   
  • Have a budget in place. Trustees then agree how to manage the budget with other volunteer teams. 

Follow Scouts policies and relevant legislation  

Look after buildings, insurance and property 

  • Look after records of ownership of property and equipment.  
  • Have the right insurance for people, buildings, and equipment. 
  • Make sure buildings and equipment are working well. 

Manage risks 

  • Carry out regular risk assessments and put the right risk mitigations in place.  

Help the charity to operate well, today and in the future 

  • Work with Lead Volunteers to meet their charity aims.  
  • Champion Our Volunteering Culture, and make sure volunteers are aware of it, reflect on it, commit to it, and apply it in their teams. 

In carrying out the above, Trustees also: 

  • Keep a record of Trustee Board meetings, and complete any actions that are agreed. 
  • Recruit new Trustees. 
  • Co-opt Trustees onto the Board if they need people with particular skills or knowledge.  
  • Get expert advice, if needed. This could be on health and safety, managing money, buildings, equipment, or employees. 
  • Network with other Scouts Trustees to share knowledge and experience. 
  • Create sub-teams for specific activities, such as finances, if needed.  

Interested in Joining?

Becoming a Charity Trustee looks great on a CV and is a great way to assist the movement if being a leader maybe isn’t for you.

The District Trustee Board is formed/elected each year at our Annual General Meeting. We are always looking for new members of all ages from diverse backgrounds. If you would be interested in becoming a trustee please get in touch.

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