Check your Knowledge

Wood Badge Modules

In Grafton, we have introduced online “Check your Knowledge”. This method is not aimed at replacing Training Advisers who do a great job, but to supplement our offering where, in some circumstances, this option may be appropriate.

Getting Started Modules which are not validated at the end of the online training by certificate following self assessment :

  • Module 3 – Tools for the Role (Section Leaders)
  • Module 4 – Tools for the Role (Managers & Supporters)

Other Wood Badge Modules

  • Module 5 – The Fundamentals of Scouting
  • Module 7 – Scouting for All
  • Module 8 – Skills of Leadership
  • Module 9 – Working with Adults
  • Module 11 – Administration
  • Module 12a – Delivering a Quality Programme
  • Module 12b – Programme Planning
  • Module 13 – Growing the Section
  • Module 14 – Supporting Young People
  • Module 15 – Promoting Positive Behaviour
  • Module 16 – Introduction to Residential Experiences
  • Module 17 – Running Safe Activities
  • Module 18 – Practical Skills
  • Module 19 – International

On each page you will find a series of links to web-based Check your Knowledge questionnaires, and are based on the “Check your Knowledge” questions as set out in your Adult Personal File.

Please keep your responses brief, use bullet points where this will help. In your responses, where asked for, please focus your answers on the part or element that you personally played or contributed.

All boxes with an asterisk * need to be completed otherwise the file will not send.

All completed and submitted forms will be reviewed by a Training Adviser (this is likely to be your nominated Training Adviser if advised) and they will arrange to contact you to discuss the module further.

Good luck and if you need any support or have questions, please get in touch with your Training Adviser.

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