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Refunding a Payment

If you need to refund a payment for whatever reason, you will need to click on the “Sales” button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

Find the transaction you need to refund and then click on it.

You will see this screen. Click on the 3 vertical dots within the box showing the transaction amount and press “Refund transaction”

You can either offer a full or partial refund. The image to the left shows a full refund but if you’re completing a partial one, you’d just need to enter the value of the refund.

When you’re happy, press on “Next”

You’ll be asked to verify the refund by entering your password. Once you have done this, press on “Refund transaction”.

This details page will then show to confirm that the refund has gone through.

Please be aware that you will most likely be questioned as to why a refund was processed at a later date so please make a note of this so you can refer back!

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